Climate Policies Need to Change

For its own good, Delaware must face climate change realities and change our policies accord­ingly. The scientific reality is that overwhelming evidence shows climate change is caused by natural factors related to the Sun, not carbon dioxide, and that man-made carbon dioxide is a very minor factor. Why is man-made CO2 a minor factor? Be­cause, according to the IPCC's own figures, man­made CO2 adds a miniscule 0.02% annually to the CO2 already in nature. Delaware has a goal to reduce state CO2 emissions by 1 million tons per year by 2030. But the practical reality is that China alone emits that much in one hour and vows to continue increasing emissions until 2030. Our renewable energy

Dinesh D'Souza's New Book, Stealing America, is a Good Read

By way of introduction, Dinesh D'Souza provides a disclaimer to the readers, stating that, "[t]he language spoken in the confinement center is extremely course...Out of respect for the reader, I've scaled it way back and used asterisks to bowdlerize the most offensive words." This may or may not prevent you from reading the book. The following review points out some of the highlights of his book. D'Souza explains the circumstances that led to his crime. Very simply, he asked two friends to donate money to a friend's campaign, someone he knew well from his Dartmouth days, and he re-imbursed them. That is a violation of the Federal Election laws. Usually, this kind of infraction results i

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