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Climate Policies Need to Change

For its own good, Delaware must face climate change realities and change our policies accord­ingly. The scientific reality is that overwhelming evidence shows climate change is caused by natural factors related to the Sun, not carbon dioxide, and that man-made carbon dioxide is a very minor factor. Why is man-made CO2 a minor factor? Be­cause, according to the IPCC's own figures, man­made CO2 adds a miniscule 0.02% annually to the CO2 already in nature. Delaware has a goal to reduce state CO2 emissions by 1 million tons per year by 2030. But the practical reality is that China alone emits that much in one hour and vows to continue increasing emissions until 2030. Our renewable energy policies do nothing for climate change and hurt not help the economy. They force the use of expensive and unreliable wind and solar which must be backed by conven­tional power, and in reality often hurt the environ­ment more than help. Bloom Energy is probably the worst fraud per­petrated on Delawareans in the name of environ­ment and job creation. Delmarva customers are forced to pay three times market value for Bloom electricity and will pay Bloom tariffs totaling $750 million over the contract life. Contrary to claims, this will not stimulate the economy but be a huge drag, taking money from the people and discourag­ing new commerce because of high power costs. Many fewer jobs making Bloom boxes have been created than promised and even those jobs will be lost unless many new customers are found for over­priced power generators. These policies supposedly intended to combat climate change actually benefit only an elite few while hurting the vast majority of Delawareans and should be abolished.


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