Brexit from the Austrian Economics Perspective

Patrick Barron, a free market (Austrian School) economist and CC of DE Treasurer, gave an August 17 talk on the British decision to exit the European Union. Many people were surprised by this outcome, he noted, but in hindsight they probably should have seen it coming. Going back to the beginning, the UK decision to join the European Common Market in the 1970s was not controversial. The advantage was elimination of trade barriers with the countries of continental Europe; no major drawbacks were perceived. British sentiment shifted in later years, however, as the ECM morphed into the European Union with a common currency (the UK and several other countries opted to retain their own currencies

Hillary's America - Crime Pays

Dinesh D’Souza’s new documentary, Hillary’s America, paints an accurate and devastating portrayal of the Democratic Party and of Hillary Clinton. Needless to say, the left does not like this documentary at all. The critics call it propaganda - but it’s based on fact. They have yet to point to any historical inaccuracy in the film. The documentary has three main components; a brief review of D’Souza’s conviction for breaking campaign finance laws; a history of the Democratic Party, and an investigation of Hillary Clinton. D’Souza received the unprecedented sentence of eight months in a half-way house. While not excusing the “crime,” no one else has ever received such a severe punishment f

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