Delaware ERA is a Dangerous Trojan Horse

The purpose of the proposed Delaware Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) is not to affirm natural rights as enshrined in the Delaware and U.S. Constitutions. The objective is the elimination of the natural right to present arguments against any form of human behavior or speech an unelected judiciary determines is an “equal right”. This is reason enough for grave concern, but the actual goal of the proponents of the ERA is far more insidious. The radical left’s newest technique is to parse society into ever-smaller interest groups, especially when the interest groups’ goals are antithetical to the needs of Western culture. Once granted protected “equal right” status, any criticism becomes hate speec

Why are Millennial Women Voting Democrat Faster than Men?

Millennials in general are known for voting more Democrat than older generations. While many Republicans automatically assume my age group will "get a brain" (referring to a quote often attributed to Churchill) and start becoming Republican when marriage and kids come into view, I personally find that to be incorrect. For one, most of us are not married, even fewer have kids, and the ones who do are not necessary running to read Townhall or buying whatever books Laura Ingraham or Mark Levin put out. However, there is a distinct gap which I suspected, but was not aware of; While all Millennials are more liberal at this age than past generations, and while all voters are becoming more independ

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