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CO2 is Natural and Helps Plants Grow

A December letter claimed the U.S. was the largest human CO2 emitter but Wikipedia’s well-documented “List of countries by carbon dioxide emissions” shows that China produces the most human CO2 by far: 11 billion metric tons in 2017, over twice the U.S. 5 billion tons. Total World emissions were 37 billion tons.

China passed the U.S. as largest emitter in 2005 with emissions of 6.3 billion tons versus the U.S. 6 billion.

Since 2005, — the base year for The Paris Climate Agreement — China’s emissions have grown 73 percent while U.S. emissions fell 14.5 percent. Total World emissions grew 23 percent.

The Paris Climate Agreement is a farce. All developing countries are exempt from cutting emissions and promised billions of dollars just to sign. The U.S. is right to withdraw.

CO2 is natural in nature, not pollution; more CO2 is a response to warming, not the cause of warming. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change estimates 781 billion tons of natural CO2 emissions annually — 21 times the human generated CO2.

Claims that “human CO2” has accumulated in the atmosphere since 1750 and only “natural CO2” has been recycled are absurd because both molecules are the same and are absorbed and recycled alike in the natural carbon cycle.

More CO2 in the atmosphere makes all plants grow faster, increasing food production and “greening the Earth” as shown by NASA satellite data and thousands of studies. It is enormously beneficial, not harmful.

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