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Californians Face a Cornucopia of Issues

On the front burner is the Covid Endemic—no longer an epidemic or pandemic but an ongoing fact of life. Given its many animal reservoirs, it will continue on a regular basis through the newly born and as repeat infections on the fully immunized. That’s right, even though vaccines provide a huge reduction in infection, serious illness, and death, neither they nor actual infection prevent recurrent infection (of a markedly lessened percentage and intensity). Can we reach “herd immunity”? As of today’s (August 11 2021) data from, we have a county population >12 years of age of 722,171 with 479,673 fully vaccinated individuals, and also 83,781 people who have recovered with natural immunity. This means 563,454 people or 78% of our population > 12 years old are immunized, and the severity and death rates are falling. Why discuss only those > 12 years old?

Children almost exclusively have asymptomatic disease or minimal illness and have not been documented to pass it on to adults. Our governmental entities continue to mishandle the problem. The infection will work its way through our population and return regularly. The correct action is not to lockdown or mask up by governmental edict, but to focus on protecting the elderly with vaccination/isolation/masking as appropriate, and choose to get vaccinated to protect yourself, with no need for vaccination if you have had documented Covid 19. For details on this see the excellent 1 hour video at

For those of you with children or grandchildren in local public schools, Oxnard Union School District has a memorandum of understanding in sex education via Planned Parenthood, including materials, videos, and other lesson material. takes you to the curriculum site. Note that much of the material comes from the San Francisco school district. Most of these videos seem reasonable (judge for yourself) except perhaps the one on gender identity—as a physician I do not agree with their definition of gender identity. Evaluate this huge amount of material if you can and as you see fit. Get involved with your school’s curriculum in all aspects, especially any hints of CRT. Most of us do not have the luxury of placing our children in private school as did our Governor, Gavin Newsom.

Speaking of Governor Newsomlini, a recall is coming up and 100% of the membership should vote. Remember to vote on his status and then on a replacement if you so choose. Jay Bayman has written an excellent letter to the editor summarizing our governor’s failings so watch for it in the local paper or Acorn or VCReporter. Newsom’s hypocrisy at the French Laundry and sending his kids to in person learning, his destruction of middle class business via flip-flopped mandates, the disaster of the EDD with no unemployment benefits for many months to those in need and then $11+ billions sent to prisoners, etc., as well as enabling recidivism amongst released felons are only a few of his failures to the people of California, which are, after all, mostly Democrats!


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