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The Grim Recap of 2021


      For those who thought 2020 was the year of the nightmare, 2021 proved to double down on all the wrong things. This article will recap 2021 and what to expect in the year ahead.

     The year’s first big story was the January 6th protest that would not have been noteworthy except that the

Federal Bureau Investigation (FBI), along with other unknown actors,

appeared to orchestrate a disruption of the election proceedings in Congress, an incident that the Uniparty and their Globalist bosses are continuing to hype in a feeble attempt to give the

democrats something to run on in the 2022 mid-term elections.

     Following the incident, we  witnessed Big Tech oligarchs silence the sitting POTUS by shutting off his communications outlet—thus making it harder for him to communicate his message to the general public. Since then, their tyranny has only increased as Silicon Valley billionaires continue to ban factual information they don’t like, refuse to allow people to learn about alternative treatments to COVID-19, and even ban individuals who say things the elites don’t like.

     As Biden was “sworn in” in front of a military processional that looked

eerily more like something out of the Hunger Games and less like a ceremony in a functioning republic, his handlers have gone on an all-out assault on the U.S. Constitution, federalism,

conservatives, and Trump supporters, they so despise. Whether it’s January 6th prisoners languishing in the D.C. Gulag without any rights to a speedy and fair trial, Trump administration officials being targeted by the corrupt “January 6th Committee” for alleged wrongdoing, concerned parents,

election integrity activists hunted down by the Department of Justice, FBI, and other democrat organizations, or the general abuse of power by corrupt 

governors such as, Gavin Newsom and Andrew Cuomo, citizens are being targeted by the powerful elite using the force of government as the Regime attempts to consolidate power. 

And this doesn’t even count the COVID tyranny the Regime wants to use as part of their “Great Reset”- the endless and arbitrary lockdowns, the mandatory masking policies in all aspects of life, and the forced

newspaper stack.jpg

injections of the “COVID-19 vaccines” into unwilling citizens in the name of “science” on threat of taking away one’s job or opportunities to earn a living, to access healthcare or other essential services. Near the end of 2021, Dr. Fauci declared that we should expect the definition of “fully vaccinated” to change in 2022 and beyond, and the COVID quarantine camps being implemented in Australia, New Zealand, China and Canada (and soon more places) do not prove to be ending: If anything, more countries look to open literal COVID camps to detain citizens in the name of “stopping COVID.”

     Finally, the democrats, with the help of their loyal Republican token opposition, are ramming through (or trying to ram through) every terrible spending bill and immoral law they can do: from Build (China) Back Better to weakening our military’s readiness to criminalizing dissent against the government in the name of “fighting disinformation,” to allowing the Internal Revenue Service to hire 87,000 agents to spy on individual citizens’ private transactions to allowing the federal government to maintain a national COVID-vaccine database to helping implement the Green New Deal, the democrats and their Republican collaborators are moving us many steps closer to complete Orwellian socialism, or worse.

     So what can we expect then in 2022? Here are some likely predictions:

     First, expect the COVID tyranny to get worse until right before the mid-terms when the democrats pull back. Expect at least the first booster to be mandated, possibly the 4th shot as well. Corporations will enforce the boosters, if the shots are seen as damaging to democrats’ election prospects. There will also be vaccine passports in most blue cities and a few states as well.

     Second, expect the democrats to cheat again in as many elections as they can. They will lose many seats at all levels next year, but they will salvage a few races they don’t deserve to win with significant election fraud, especially in swing states with democratic governors.

     Third, expect the number of hospitalizations and deaths to increase significantly as more and more people suffer negative effects of either the COVID booster shots or from other illnesses obtained from weakened immune systems as a result of the untested shots.

     Fourth, there will be at least one major war next year: there is a high likelihood America will be dragged into deadly and costly wars either in Ukraine or Taiwan, or perhaps other locations.

     Fifth, the economy will continue to spiral down as more and more people drop out of the workforce or are fired for

not taking a COVID shot. The already-bad supply chain problems and medical worker shortages will get much, much worse, particularly in blue states.

     Sixth, our medical system will finally hit crisis point due to a combination of staff shortages, poor medical  quality, too many patients, stressed out workers, and

burdensome government overreach.

     And seventh, more people will move at least some of their money into non-monetary assets such as precious metals, cryptocurrency, land or property, or overseas as the US Dollar continues to weaken, all by design. Expect to hear early talk about the need to create a digital

currency for “convenience,” which will really be a way for the government to track all purchases and move to end paper money.

     Hopefully, none of these predictions will come true and 2022 will be a much better year. Only time will tell. 

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