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The Truth About the "Justice for J6" Rally


     Since the now famous January 6th

protest, the democrats and their enablers in the media have tried to paint what was a nearly completely-peaceful rally into an event as bad as 9/11 and Pearl Harbor combined, and on par with the Holocaust and the Civil War.

      The reality, as video evidence is finally being released, shows that none of this is true: The vast majority of those, who entered the Capitol on that day were either let in by Capitol Police, entered on their own and simply wandered around or, at worst, engaged in misdemeanor crimes. There was only one known death directly tied to the event, and that was Air Force veteran Ashli Babbitt, murdered by a Trump-hating Capitol Police officer. In a sane world, anyone who attended the rally and was charged with a crime would have been booked, released on bail, and getting ready for their defenses.

     Yet, as of this writing, more than 600 attendees are being incarcerated as political prisoners in a manner so abusive it violates multiple international guidelines, including the Nelson Mandela Rules regarding

treatment. Many of these prisoners are kept in solitary confinement for 23 hours a day, few have been released on bail (even first-time offenders) and prisoners are routinely denied access to their lawyers (especially in private) if they can even find a lawyer at all. Worse, many have been beaten and attacked by the guards and denied critical medication. The D.C. courts, almost all partisan leftists, have colluded with the Department of Injustice to delay hearings for the prisoners, many until 2022, after having locked many of them up for weeks or months in solitary confinement, denying them their constitutional rights. Evidence has been withheld from the defendants so they cannot mount any defense, even the jury pool is stacked with democrat voters in D.C. 

     Incredibly, even as the prisoners and their families lose jobs, homes, and savings, not a single one of these political prisoners has been charged with insurrection against the USA!     


No doubt if these were left-wing activists locked up like this, such as the violent Antifa/BLM thugs, who we saw loot urban America last year, the democrats and their enablers in the media would demand their release, cry about the “injustice” of their plight, and a Republican administration would be pressured into releasing prisoners with modest bail, if not outright dismiss the charges. And yet, not a single institution has come forward to help these prisoners or their families.    

     Theoretically, the Republican Party would step up to protest the abusive treatment and demand fair trials and

hearings as most of those arrested are Republican voters. But the Republican “leadership” has a relationship with the

democrats and as such, protects the powerful more than its own people. 

The ones who are not corrupt are too cowardly to stand up for their principals, especially fearful of vicious media attacks or mobs of Antifa thugs descending on their homes. Worse, former President George W. Bush compared January 6th protestors, many of whom voted for him-twice-to the Taliban. As such, Republican officials have done literally nothing to speak out against the political prisoners.

     It is true a few Republican members of Congress have tried to gain information about the prisoners and have spoken out in favor of justice; however, their efforts have been at best futile and at worst theatrics for their re-election campaigns.

     Matt Braynard, who formerly served as Trump’s Director of Data and Strategy, formed an organization called Look Ahead America which was at first set up to combat election fraud and push measures for election integrity and fairness. Seeing no one step up to help

the political prisoners trapped in the D.C. gulag, he began holding rallies in D.C. and around the country demanding justice for the January 6th defendants.

     Matt had hoped the September 18th rally would be used to garner media attention and move public opinion more in favor of the prisoners than the government (which some polling indicates has been happening). Unfortunately for him, many conservatives, including President Trump, told their supporters the rally was a “setup” and would be crawling with feds and other government-backed entities looking to cause trouble and either arrest more political dissidents, embarrass the MAGA movement, or both.

     As such, the rally was not well-attended and circumstantial evidence does appear to show large numbers of undercover FBI agents and other government officials hanging out at the rally. No doubt the Regime was looking for a violent scene to damage the MAGA movement. However, the rally did succeed in raising awareness about the plight of our fellow Americans unjustly imprisoned and abused by the Regime.

     If there is any good news, even liberal judges are beginning to push back on the Department of Justice and demanding some of the 14,000 hours of footage from

January 6th be released so we can see what a sham the situation is, and hopefully more prisoners will be given the same rights our court system gave to Islamic terrorists.  Even though the mainstream media’s narrative of January 6th is beginning to unravel, many of these families still need help.

      Consider supporting the legal cases for these fellow Americans or visiting or for more information. 

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