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Truth Versus Culture 


     Today’s culture just does not fit with the truth or with first principles.  The proof here is simple.  Let’s start with some definitions.  There are three solid definitions for truth that are more or less the same but stated differently.  Webster’s first definition of truth is “the body of real things, events and facts: ACTUALITY.  It also says “the state of being the case: FACT.” Christian Science defines truth simply as “God.” The Roman Catholic Catechism defines truth as “what is.” 

     All three of these things are basically the same and based in fact. So what is the definition of “fact’?  Webster says “Fact – a piece of objective reality.”  That pretty much sums it up for me.  It does not say “your truth” or “my truth.”  But if you caught me on the street and asked me for my definition of truth, I would tell you “Truth is the nature of reality.”  Truth is, and has to be, the basis for everything we know and do today.  I can prove this by utilizing the first “like” thing, first principles.

     When I was a student of chemical engineering and I was taking an exam, if I knew the answer to a question but could not quite remember how to write the appropriate principle or equation, I could always go back to the fundamental first principle and build on it until I got to where I needed to be.  I could do this because the fundamentals do not change.  Our understanding of them may change but the fundamental stands.

      If I take two rocks and put them next to two other rocks, then I have four rocks.  If I change the way the arithmetic books are written and I say that two plus two now equals bleen, it doesn’t change the fact that I still have the same numberof rocks.  Abraham Lincoln allegedly asked “if you call a tail a leg, how many legs does a dog have?” The answer is four.

You can call a tail a leg, but that does not make it a leg!


     So when you put these ideas together, you have proof positive that the world is built on reality.  If we did not believe in objective truths, we could never have any of the scientific or technological devices that we do today. Defense systems would not be possible, televisions and mobile phones would not be possible. And more

importantly, I could not have an auto tuner for my guitar!  If we did not have objective truth, scientists and inventors would still be arguing about whether the moon was made out of green cheese.  After all, “were you there?”

     So what is it that makes the culture not like the others?  It should be fairly obvious by looking around you today but let’s close the loop by proving it. In 2019, Terry Sanderson sued Gwyneth Paltrow for her involvement in a skiing accident three years earlier. He claimed, among other things, that he suffered permanent traumatic brain injury.  One of the jurors declared after the verdict was in, that the plaintiff was lying on the stand.  Of course, she didn't say that! 

She said that “he was telling ‘his truth’.”  I do not think he intended to tell a truth that was not ‘his truth’.” 

     First of all, what have we come to in this country if we make sentences like that!  Second, if people in courtrooms can lie because they are simply telling “their truth” then the entire legal system

breaks down. As it happened, Sanderson was found to be 100% at fault by a Salt Lake City jury.

     Example three.  How many “genders” are there?  The answer is, I suppose, as 

many as you want! And to be clear,  your gender does not have to be the gender you were “assigned at birth.” Here are some of the genders identified on that font of truth, Wikipedia:

  • Ambigender: of both male and female genders.

  • Demigender: part of ones gender is static, the part is in flux.

  • Pangender: all genders simultaneously.

  • Sekhet: individuals who are categorized as neither man nor woman.

  • Xenogender: an umbrella term for gender identities that are described with terms outside standard human understandings of gender.

     There are too many to list here but if you are interested, there is an article published by Chris Drew, PhD who holds his degree in education.  He identifies 81 genders but is clear that this is just a small sampling of all of the actual genders. Because I know you are so interested, here is he website:  If you have children who are getting ready to go to college, I

recommend you find out where this guy teaches and send your children somewhere else.

     So, have I proven my case that today’s culture is not aligned with truth or first principles?  I think I have but the real determination must be made by you.  After all, what I have written here is “my opinion” as opposed to my truth. ■ 

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