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Coming Soon: Humans - Version 2.0 


      On September 12, 2022, Biden signed Executive Order (EO) 14081, an order which moves humans one step closer to transhumanism (the merger of human and machine). In it, the order claims to want to “harness the power of biology to create new services and products (also known as the  “bioeconomy”) and…[the] need to develop genetic engineering technologies and techniques to be able to write circuitry for cells and predictably program biology in the same way in which we write software and program computers.”

     To do this, Biden’s handlers want to “foster a biological data ecosystem that advances biotechnology and bio-manufacturing innovation…increasing piloting and prototyping efforts in biotechnology…expand market

opportunities for bioenergy and biobased products and services…clarify and streamline regulations in services of a science…promote standards, establish metrics, and develop systems to grow and assess the state of the bioeconomy.”

     Multiple secretaries (HHS, Energy, Agriculture, Commerce) and the Director of the National Science

Foundation are tasked with providing a report by March 12, 2023 of how to bring about this “bioeconomy” and must show, by September 2024, how they are allocating resources “to enhance biotechnology and biomanufacturing.” 

Genomic information will be collected by the newly-created Data for the Bioeconomy Initiative housed under the Office of Science and Technology.

     In one section the Secretary of Homeland Security, along with the Secretary of Defense, “shall identify and recommend relevant cybersecurity best practices for biological data stored of Federal Government information systems.” This suggests the federal government will hold biological data of unknown quantities.

      In another section, the EO requires multiple federal agencies to, by the 

Man & Machine.jpg

end  of March 2023, to put a jobs program in place for the new “bioeconomy,” particularly with institutions catering to non-white individuals. Why the Regime wants non-whites to be particularly involved in getting trained for the new biojobs is uncertain.

     The entire EO is over 6,000 words, so here is the basic summary: This order opens the door to what the Globalists call “Human 2.0,” which is the merger of human beings with technology to enhance humanity. This is NOT turning us into terminators or cyborgs: this is about the future where microchips can be implemented under the skin in order to do fulfill three purposes:

     First, to create the “singularity” where we streamline technology, such as being able to swipe your arm in front of a cash register to pay or being able to make and receive phone calls from your brain without need for a phone.  

   Second, to theoretically improve healthcare. Imagine what could happen if hospitals were alerted to high blood pressure, stroke, or heart attack signs before individuals were even aware that these medical conditions were occurring in their body.

     And third, transhumanism makes tracking humans much easier. Think of how easily the government can ping your cell phone to find you right now. Imagine what tyrants can do if they always know where you are.

     The other major disturbing element of this EO is that, in the name of “science,” the government will clear the way for more genetic experiments. Think of a particular experimental shot recently forced on the population. Now imagine that the new “bivalent” booster

being issued (and likely to be forced on all of us after the November election) which has not been tested on ANY humans. It has been tested on EIGHT MICE and thus approved by the FDA for public use. So if you take the new bivalent COVID “booster,” understand that YOU are the experiment of whether the shots work. Curiously, Pfizer and Moderna both say that, this is only a booster; you need to get the first round of COVID shots in order to get the second dose. What could be in this double-mRNA dose that requires you to take the first shot in order to be eligible for the second one?

     The idea of “transhumanism” is not limited to the EO that Biden recently signed. Already, telecommunications

leaders have suggested that 6G, likely to be rolled out at the end of this decade, will be connected to your body for faster internet speed. Yuval Harari, the guru who inspires global elites at the World Economic Forum, says humans could be “hacked” if nations don’t coordinate to regulate artificial intelligence. There are many more examples of the long-term plans, but they require several more articles to fully reveal.

     In the new world that the global elite envision, the humans allowed to live (or who survive their multiple manmade catastrophes) will be chipped and tracked. Those who obey will have convenience and freedom so long as they continue to obey: those who do not will face discrimination which will make the COVID-era lockdowns and protocols seem tame by comparison.


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