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The Anti-Establsihment Movement: Happy Brexit!

By Suzie Dickson


     The Mainstream Media, Political Pundits, and assorted others are scratching their heads. What is going on?  Hillary Clinton was supposed to sail through the primaries and into the Philadelphia Democratic Convention as the undisputed Democratic nominee.  Then, Bernie Sanders showed up and won 22 States; he may actually have won additional States, but for some shenanigans.  What a shock!

     Likewise on the Republican side, the GOP Establishment was turned on its head.  It's difficult to know exactly who the GOP wanted as their nominee, but one thing is for sure - it was not Donald Trump.  And a few times, it appeared that Trump could be turned back, only to turn around and make lemonade out of lemons.

     The British would not leave the European Union (EU) an organization they joined in 1973. They have too many ties to Europe; there would be terrible financial repercussions; the sky would actually fall!  But, lo, the British voted to leave, and by a considerable margin.  Now, numerous other EU countries are considering referendums to leave the EU.

     From Iceland to Italy, the anti-establishment candidate is winning. Iceland just elected an anti-establishment candidate and history professor, Gudni Johanjnesson, this June.  The would-be scandal that the 

 Panama Papers tried to be didn't affect its target, which appeared to be Putin; instead it resulted in the resignation of several Icelandic politicians, including the Prime Minister, Sigmundur Davis Gunnlaugsson. So, Johannesson with no political experience and no party affiliation won 39.1 percent of the vote. It is also interesting to note that Johannesson opposes EU


     Over in Italy this June, two candidaters from the Five Star Movement Party (M5S) won mayoral races in the cities of Rome and Turin.  M5S was founded in 2009 by a comedian and blogger, Beppe Grillo and a web strategist, the late Gianroberto Casaleggio.  M5S describes itself more as a movement than as a political party.  Nevertheless, it's stances, which are becoming increasingly attractive to the Italian 

electorate are: populist, ant-globalist, environmentalist, anti-establishment and Eurosceptic.

     Virginia Raggi, the M5S candidate in the Italian capital. received 67 percent of the vore; Chiara Appendino received 55 percent of the vote in Turin.  Both candidates defeated members of the Democratic Party (PD) and political commentators view both of these victories as a challenge to the centre-left Prime Minister, Matteo Renzi and his PD party. This is a victory for the anti-establshment movement. 

     An anti-establishment wave is washing over the U.S. and Europe; the populace is dissatisfied.  This is confirmed by polling showing that at least 65 percent of Americans think the country is on the wrong track.  This political backdrop does not bode well for the likes of Hillary Clinton.  

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