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U.S. Cuts Emissions: China Increases Them

In his speech to Congress, Biden said something critically important about climate change: "America represents less than 15% of the world's emissions." Which is correct. The latest numbers from 2019 are that U.S. CO2 emissions are only 13.4% of global total (EU Commission).

The president and climate czar, John Kerry, have both admitted that U.S. emission cuts mean nothing to the climate unless the rest of the world also cuts their emissions. But others refuse because they know it would devastate their economies and not affect the climate. They signed the Paris Accord because they were exempted from cuts and promised money.

Since 2005, the base year of the Paris Accord, U.S. emissions are down 14% to 5 billion metric tons, but the rest of the world is up 37% to 33 billion metric tons. The rest-of-world increases were ten times the U.S. cuts.

China and others are planning and constructing new coal fired generation plants equal to twice the total U.S. coal capacity (Global Energy Monitor). The administration's plans would cost trillions of dollars without affecting the climate. Many more jobs would be lost than created. Energy costs would skyrocket (Obama).

The U.S. people - not companies - would pay these costs, in lost jobs and higher prices for everything, still without affecting the climate.


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