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Support Those Who Champion Election Integrity!


     Think about the top five issues you care about. Is election integrity one of them? If not, then move it to the top of your list and focus on that above all others. Election integrity is THE defining issue of our time. Any candidate who will not protect your vote is not worthy of representing you on anything else.

     This election fiasco has done some unexpected good: It is revealing to tens of millions of Americans the corruption in many areas of our society, both political and cultural. Now, people no longer look at the courts as the “arbiters of justice,” but rather a mixture of political hacks and moral cowards more worried about their appearance than administering justice. Where once most people could barely name their state legislators now see that many are happy to collect their checks and do even less than their

Congressional counterparts. Where once public institutions were revered, many now see them as criminal in their own right, hunting down political enemies of the state or

enforcing social justice ideologies on employees.

     One other thing this has done is reveal to conservatives who is really on our side and who is a grifter. Prior to

Election Day and in the days after, many Republicans erroneously assumed that, because several battle-ground states had Republican legislatures, they would step in and hold hearings on election fraud and, if applicable, award President Trump the electoral votes for states he clearly won, and in Arizona and Georgia 

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Republican governors would call for special sessions to get to the bottom of 

allegations. However, most people now realize state legislators and governors, even Republicans, are as corrupt or spineless as their Congressional counterparts and the Deep State itself.     

     The same is true in our culture; many people believed Fox News was on our side, but anyone who had been paying attention could see they were moving to the Left so they could be accepted in their elite New York and Washington circles. Most finally realized it when Fox News called Arizona early, which helped craft the narrative that Biden was winning, and gave cover to election officials in the six contested states to suddenly stop counting for the night and resume with overnight ballot dumps for Biden that even dictators don’t get, in a tactic often associated with third-world elections.

     Even outside of Fox News, look at which news outlets and conservative figures are willing to fight to “Stop the Steal,” and which ones seem ready for a Biden Administration - assuming many conservatives will accept Biden eventually and will go back to venting their frustration by consuming podcasts, news channels, talk shows, and news articles 

that build personal brands and otherwise do nothing.  

    As such, given the high stakes world we now live in with the Globalists on the verge of The Great Reset and 2030Vision (look them up-scary stuff!) we have to make tough decisions about people or institutions we looked up to and begin cutting out those who won’t stand with us on the most critical issue of our time. This means making election integrity the litmus test above all others when it comes to choosing public servants. Without free and fair elections, it is impossible for any action on other issues to happen or for judges to be appointed who will rule in favor of the Constitution.

     As such, we need to start holding both elected and appointed officials (and those who want to represent us) accountable on this issue: Yes or no, do you believe in

election integrity AND what steps are you taking (or have you taken or intend to take) RIGHT NOW to guarantee that future elections are safe and secure? Anyone who ducks the issues or refuses to make clear points about what he/she will do to protect elections is gone. Period.

     It means it does not matter if they have an A+ rating from the NRA/Susan B. Anthony List/other advocacy groups that you like. It does not matter if they claim to be the “constitutionalist conservatives,” who yell at Big Tech oligarchs in hearings or pass resolutions (such as repealing Obamacare) that have zero chance of being enacted into law. If they will not protect our Republic, they should not be in office!

     If we the people start holding these people to account, rewarding Patriots who do the right thing in the face of

hostility, and removing those who lack courage or conviction, we can have our own “2030Vision” with an America First movement that has officials ready and willing to protect our values. 

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