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10 Bold Predictions for



     For this year, here are TEN bold predictions as to what I believe will

occur in 2023:  

     One, the Russians will invade Ukraine later this year with more

ferocity than they did last year. Putin has no option but to try to win quickly to keep his hold on power. The U.S. will put boots on the ground in Ukraine, mostly in unofficial capacity. However, I don’t think any nukes will be detonated anywhere.  

     Two, the Central Bank Digital

Currencies (CBDC’s) will be formally introduced in America and other

nations will announce widespread adoption for their own citizens. In America, 2023 the CBDC’s will be used mostly by banks resolving back-end transactions, but the Fed and Treasury and their allies in the Fake News Media will start preparing Americans for the public use of CBDC's in 2024.

     Three, Digital ID’s and carbon

credit scores will be re-introduced  

from the vaccine passports) as the

social credit system begins to be

implemented in America. It will not be fully adopted in 2023 but the Globalists are gearing us up for widespread adoption.  

2023 Stars.jpg

     Four, China, sensing weakness from the U.S., will begin expanding its

military and surveillance presence in 

the Pacific and, should the U.S. end up in a physical war with Russia, begin moving their navy into the Pacific to “patrol” it in clear threat to the U.S. However, I do not believe they will formally attack Taiwan in 2023.

   Five, cryptocurrency will see at least one major revival, not because of sound fundamentals but rather due to investor irrationality. At least one more major crypto exchange will collapse just as FTX did. There will be significant government regulation of crypto this

year as well.

     Six, Donald Trump will not be arrested in 2023; however, the DOJ will begin laying the groundwork to arrest him in 2024, likely after the GOP Presidential primary is over. At least one member of his inner circle will be charged with a bogus crime this year.  


     Seven, the price of food will skyrocket past what most people can afford and there will be riots in many blue cities and possible some purple ones later in the year over the cost of food. More Americans than ever will be saddled with out-of-control credit card debt just to pay the bills.     

     Eight, inflation will peak and deflation will begin to occur. However, this is NOT because of an improving economy, but rather because of the policies voted on by Delaware’s own Chris Coons, Tom Carper, and Lisa Blunt Rochester will tax the middle class so hard demand for goods and services will decline, thus “reducing” inflation.

     Nine, Delaware’s legislature will begin work to have the State Constitution amended to codify abortion “rights” as law.

     Ten, we will officially have a recession in both Delaware and the U.S. as a whole, even as our political elites play it down in preparing for the 2024 elections, or “selections” if you prefer. ■

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