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"Climate Change" Activists Want To Destroy Capitalism


     The environmentalist movement has lately picked up steam with the recent testimony of Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg to the United Nations, and her testimony was followed up by worldwide walkouts from schools and

offices to protest “Global Warming,” or perhaps “Climate Change” or “Climate Crisis,” depending on which phrase has the most appeal this month.

     As has been predicted since long before I was even born, the Earth is being destroyed and drastic action is needed right now, or else the world will end in (fill in the blank) years. While I strongly believe there is not a single rational person genuinely wishing for the destruction of our planet, I do believe there are some wishing for the

destruction of something else vital to our planet, namely capitalism.

     View images from pretty much any of the climate protests and you will see signs like “Capitalism is killing the planet” (Washington DC) or other attacks on the energy sector, or capitalism in general. Others want to cull the human population to save the planet from the “disastrous” effects of human activity on the world, and still others, such as Extinction Rebellion, believe a constitutional republic must be replaced with a “Citizens Assembly” where certain people will be put in charge of the government as opposed to elected representatives accountable to the public. Not to be outdone, Senator Cory Booker reminded us at the CNN Townhall debate on this topic that “Climate is not a

separate issue. It is the issue…through which we must do everything that we do.”

     Once you actually delve into the proposed solutions to solve “climate change,” you will see that almost none of them actually would lower carbon emissions or clean the air, but would put governments in control over the global energy sector and weaken 


capitalism further. As Mario Loyola at National Review noted, politicians “who can’t fix a single flood-insurance program…promise to restructure our entire economy in order to reduce the risks of climate change.”

     Those of us who have not bought into the hysteria must see the movement for what it is, a dedicate effort by radical leftists to undermine capitalism and free society in favor of a new one which reduces human populations and

essentially condemns the survivors to poverty and disease. Conveniently, environmentalists almost never consider

nuclear power, which is very clean and which would not put the government in charge of the U.S. economy.

     The good news is, most of the American public is not buying the hysteria. A Yale University survey right before last year’s mid-terms showed that only two percent of voters had this issue as their top election priority, and overall climate change was 15th out of 28 issues the survey offered. And realistically, the vast majority of the protesters will go back to their air-conditioned or heated homes and turn on the TV or computer, heat up food from their fridge in the microwave, all of which is powered through the grid by coal, in order to complain and organize the next protest against capitalism.

     The more serious concern is that children are increasingly being frightened by the impending demise of the planet, among other things we are scaring kids unnecessarily.  As children

understandably are impressionable, it’s sad to see cynical adults manipulate children like Greta and use them as props for their propaganda efforts demanding radical solutions to complex issues.  Any effort to disagree with the climate alarmists is met with “science denialism” charges and emotional outbursts that further divide Americans and do not solve problems.

     To fight this issue, we should look to the facts. Those of you involved in the Caucus may know Dr. David Legates; he is a great resource if you want more information on how to effectively argue the real science to those in the middle

unsure of what the truth is. Spend some time researching environmental law in America to see whether the

Environmental Protection Agency (and other agencies are creating beneficial rules or just rules used as an excuse to give government more power over our lives. Oppose efforts by local governments to impose “Ready for 100” standards created by the Sierra Club and now available in almost every State.

     And most importantly, live as a proud American - drive the car you want, eat all the meat you want, and use the air conditioner or heater as appropriate. While I would never encourage needless waste (we do have a moral duty to

preserve the environment for future generations), we should live in accordance with real science and not propaganda pushed by groups seeking to undermine our freedoms and our way of life. ■


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