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Bloom's Sweet Deal

The News Journal is to be commended for "The Truth Behind Bloom's Sweet Deal Emerges," although it is five years late.

It shows that Delawareans have paid nearly $130 million in Bloom surcharges over the last four years. These surcharges will total $768 million over the life of the contract, a grossly unfair burden forced on ratepayers who get nothing for it.

Defenders say the surcharges were necessary to achieve the state's goal of having 25 percent renewable energy. But this is just another unjustified burden created by the Delaware legislature which can and should be repealed.

The governor says it is energy created in Delaware instead of elsewhere but the problem is that it is very expensive energy, costing 3 or 4 times what it is worth.

The deal has created many fewer jobs than promised. In reality, the economy is hurt and there is a net loss of jobs because ratepayers could have put their money to better use themselves.

Even these few jobs will likely disappear because Bloom does not have a viable, economic process and depends on subsidies and "sweet deals" to sell their expensive product.

The legislature and governor's party who created this fiasco deserve to be voted out. Hopefully, the News Journal expose will help others avoid making the same mistakes.

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