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Scientific Studies Support Skeptics

Over 1000 peer-reviewed climate papers skeptical of man-made climate change were published in scientific journals in the last three years, providing strong scientific evidence that climate changes from natural causes, not man-made ones.

Excerpts of the papers are posted at with links to full papers.

The papers examine the major mechanisms of weather and climate. They find strong influences from the sun, with 132 papers in 2016 alone.

They find strong influences from clouds and oceanic/atmospheric oscillations like El Niño, and find these are also strongly sun-influenced.

They find strong influence from volcanoes and tectonics, but only a "questionable to weak" influence from humans and CO2.

They find warmer climate than today over the last 10,000 years driven by earth's orbital cycles, but no "hockey stick" temperature change from human activity.

They find the recent increase in atmospheric CO2 is explained as a lagged response to increased sea surface temperatures driven by solar activity, not human emissions.

They find no increasing trends in extreme weather like hurricanes and droughts, no harmful ocean acidification, and only natural variations in ice sheets and sea level, while elevated atmospheric CO2 raises crop yields and "greens" the planet.

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