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One Hell of a Record

A columnist for the Washington Examiner, David Freddoso, asked an intriguing question in July of 2014. “The Mainstream Media has complained that our government is ‘broken’. In their viewpoint, Congress is an obstructionist to the Obama Agenda. The public has accepted that viewpoint, although given some of the administration’s current failures, support for that viewpoint may be waning. But, is the Mainstream Media correct, is our government broken?"

Gridlock sounds so uncompromising, and obstructive. And in a traffic situation, it is disastrous, wasting time and fuel. But, in the Halls of Power, there should be rigorous debate on the benefit of each and every issue, its effect on society and individuals, its cost, and its role in the loss of personal liberties.

James Madison, Principle Architect of the US Constitution and 4th President, would likely disagree with the media’s viewpoint. He might instead, argue that it is “functioning” as the Founding Fathers intended it to operate. In this case, blocking one man’s ambition to fundamentally transform the Nation. And that, despite the fact that Obama has the support of the Democrat Party, a Republican Congress, the Supreme Court, the mainstream media, lobbyists and special interests, and millions of the electorate. In addition to all that distress, the Constitution has also endured over 225 years of poorly written amendments (the last 17 after the Bill of Rights), progressive presidents like Woodrow Wilson, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Lyndon Johnson, Bill Clinton, and now Obama; it has also survived the onslaught of legislation from the bench by the Supreme Court, the abdication of Powers by Congress, federal agency regulations, unaccountable bureaucrats, unfunded mandates, presidential executive orders, being completely misinterpreted, and not being defended by “We the People,” who are supposed to be the “final arbiters” of the Constitution.

That’s a hell of a record, a near impossible feat of strength and stamina. But the US Constitution is seriously wounded and on life-support now, and possibly near death as it is still under attack. There is another few months of Obama and his supporters, a cowering Congress, a distracted and morally corrupt “We the People.” the downsizing and feminization of the military, societal envy and division, school indoctrination, and a push to “amend” the Constitution through a “Convention of States.” Not only will the Constitution collapse, but so will the Nation, careening towards bankruptcy, final collapse, the death of millions, and a Nation under martial law. History repeats.

If we are miraculously spared these plagues, it will be through the Grace of God, both in 1787, and again in the next few years. Let us pray that we haven’t pushed God so far away, that He will no longer listen to us.

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