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Climate Hustle Reveals the Truth about Global Warming

The documentary film Climate Hustle reportedly "pack[ed] 'em in" across the country, but – despite some grass roots efforts to publicize this one night national event - there were only about 15-20 people in the audience at the Wilmington DE Regal Brandywine Town Center 16 on Monday May 2. Fortunately, there should be other opportunities to see the film, which is supposed to be released on DVD and for On Demand TV. Climate Hustle had a World Premier in Paris during the December 2015 UN climate conference where host Marc Morano found his picture on WANTED posters as a "Climate Criminal." The film's full title: CLIMATE HUSTLE: Are They trying to Control the Climate ... Or You? - features interviews with over 20 eminent scientists. Many originally assumed the man-made warming theory to be true but became skeptics when they found the evidence did not support the theory. When they spoke out they found themselves threatened and attacked as heretics, the obvious intent being to silence and intimidate them. The film shows how the claim of a scientific consensus is pure fiction made for political reasons. Science is based on facts and data, not consensus, say the scientists. The purported threat was initially identified as "global cooling," then became "global warming," and is now referred to as "climate change." With the latest label, any event - warming/cooling, rain/drought, more snow/less snow – can be cited as "proof" of a man-made crisis demanding immediate action. CO2 is far from being the main driver of climate but just one very small factor among many, say the scientists. Current atmospheric CO2 levels are low compared to most of past times and the Earth is now "starved" for CO2. Predictions of climate crises - warming, storms, sea level rise, disappearing polar bears - are scare tactics not based on science but made for political reasons. Such predictions over the last several decades have failed to materialize, and some of the discrepancies have been glaring. Now the alarmists make their predictions so far into the future - such as the years 2050 or 2100 - that they can never be held accountable. In the film, Dr. Robert M. Carter said "We're not dealing with a scientific issue, we haven't been dealing with a scientific issue now for 15 years. We're dealing with the determined political issue. It's a campaign cause." Or as Delaware’s Dr. David Legates put it in the panel discussion that was shown following the film, "It was never about the science."

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