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Justice Scalia: We Shall Miss You

Our country lost a truly great man this week with the passing of US Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. He was praised by his colleague Justice Clarence Thomas as, “a man of strong faith; a towering intellect; a legal giant; and a dear, dear friend.”

We cannot more strongly attest to these words, and we thank Justice Scalia for the tremendous, and unwavering, dedication that he demonstrated to this country. Justice Scalia never ceased to articulate what it meant to be a country under God and a republic as created by the founding fathers.

In October 2013, the Conservative Caucus of Delaware was honored to have as its featured speaker Justice Antonin Scalia. It was a lively event. The Justice was asked numerous questions, some easy and some pointed. He liked the adversarial environment and we glimpsed what it must have been like to stand before him in a court of law. He was charming, funny and candid; but, he did not suffer fools lightly.

He signed copies of his book, Reading Law: The Interpretation of Legal Texts, and cheerfully took photos with anyone who asked. As he was leaving, he thanked us for inviting him.

As for his legacy, it will stand the test of time. His tireless and inspired work is a continuing consolation to those with right reason and a deep love of their country.

Our prayers go out for his eternal life and to his wife and family.

The world will miss a great defender of liberty with his passing. Requiescat in Pace, Justice Scalia.

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